Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ft. Caroline Baptist Carnival

What a God-day we had yesterday at Ft. Caroline Baptist's annual Fall Festival/Carnival. Our Lord provided a beautiful day and the turnout was fabulous. At Christ's Starfish Foundation we are very grateful for the opportunity Ft. Caroline Baptist has given us to be a part of their carnival the last two years. Yesterday we were Blessed with the opportunity to share how our Lord is working through His foundation. The results He provided yesterday were truly a God-thing. We had 27 individuals sign up to sponsor a child that will be in Wolfson Children's Hospital on Christmas day. We also had 19 banks taken to put dimes and other coins in for 3-4 months to fund our work at Christ's Starfish. Here is a thought that came to me last night as I was reflecting on the carnival activity. I believe yesterday 27individuals accepted God's call to answer a child's or their families' prayer. 27 children will have a smile on their face on Christmas day because of these 27 obedient people. How cool is it when our Lord taps us on the shoulder and presents us with the opportunity to do His work. WOW!!!! What a blessing to be used by God. Those who were called to take a bank also are an answer to a hurting child's families prayer. These coins will go to pay an electric bill, a rent or mortgage payment, car payment or any other need a family has due to their child's hospitalization. Thank you to each of you for your willingness to answer God's call.